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A concise “first-look” to identify prior art relevant to
the key concepts of a proposed invention.

Report completed within 5 working days

Coverage Countries / bodies covered Price (£)
Patent Only Worldwide (PatBase records) 350
Patent / Non-patent As above plus free internet sources (e.g. Google Scholar) 550

A brief description / abstract of the invention, plus any prior art (if available).


The emphasis is placed upon keyword searches, conducted through full texts and / or abstracts, making appropriate use of truncation and proximity operators. However, where the subject matter falls within well defined IPC, CPC (ECLA replacement), or USPC classification headings, then classes-in-combination, or keyword / class combinations will be considered. Citation searches may also be used to complement the above techniques. Non-patent searches will be by keyword only, and limited to review of on-screen articles.


Patents in full text and / or abstract format are accessed through PatBase, the database developed by RWS and Minesoft covering more than 45 million patent families with publications from over 100 issuing authorities: US, WO, EP, GB, CA, FR, DE, CN, JP and many more. Internet sources such as Google Scholar, or free-to-use technology-specific databases, will be the resource for non-patent literature.



  • Patent family information, with representative abstract and image (where readily available).
  • Technical notes.
  • Overview of the strategy employed.
  • Free patent pdf copies.
Delivery Reports delivered by email, with an ftp link to pdf copies.

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  • Worldwide coverage
  • Expertise in all technical areas
  • Extensive range of search tools and resources
  • ISO 9001 accredited procedures

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