Design Search (£)

Searches can be conducted against a specific design to establish
novelty / validity / right-of-use, or a more general concept to
establish the state-of-the-art

Report generally available within 10 - 15 working days

Countries / bodies covered Prices (£)
Community / Hague (OHIM / WIPO) from 700 per body
National EU Territories (BG, CS, DE, DK, EE, FI, GB, HU, LT, LV, PL, SE, SI, SK) from 300 per country
National EU Territories* (AT, BX, CY, ES, FR, GR, IE, IT, MT, PT, RO) from 500 per country
North America (CA, US) from 400 per country
Rest of the World (AU / NZ, CN*, JP*, KR*, RU*, TW*) from 600 per country

Images of the design of interest, or the publication number of the design to be invalidated.


Designs: Search lists will be generated using the Locarno Classification and / or National Office systems (e.g. USPC, GB Design Classification), and all cases are inspected. Due to the limited textual data available for designs, only in rare cases will the search be limited by keywords.

Countries marked with an asterisk (*) will be searched by associates. All other countries / bodies are searched in-house.

Non-patent: Technology-specific journals will be identified for page-by-page review.

Supplementary applicant / inventor / author searches may also form part of both strategies.


Design images are either accessed through PatBase, the database developed by RWS and Minesoft, or through National Office records.

Non-patent literature can be included for searches of unregistered designs and / or for invalidity purposes.



  • List of designs located with descriptive titles and an indication of degree of relevance with technical comments.
  • Details of the strategy employed (periods, countries, class definitions etc.).
  • Recommendations for extension of the search (if appropriate).

Reports delivered by email, with an ftp link to pdf copies.


The above figures are guideline amounts based upon typical search costs. Exact costs will be confirmed once the subject matter involved is known.

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Key Assets

  • Over 50 years experience
  • In-house team of technically qualified multidisciplinary researchers
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Expertise in all technical areas
  • Extensive range of search tools and resources
  • ISO 9001 accredited procedures

Key Services

Patent / Design Searches:

Validity / Infringement /
Novelty / State-of-the-Art /
Structure / Sequence

Non-Patent Literature Searches

Patent / Design Watches:

Subject Matter / Class / Name / Status

Documentation Supply:

Patent Filewrappers / Non-patent Literature / Patent Status

PatBase patent database:

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