RWS is proud to sponsor The Young Arbitrators Match

As a global language service provider specializing in legal translation and interpreting for law firms, arbitration is a practice area RWS has grown to know very well having worked with lawyers and legal professionals for over 50 years. We are well placed to understand the importance of high-stakes cases being heard around the world and our Legal Translation Division works in close partnership with our clients to ensure quality, confidentiality and responsiveness.
Often on a large-volume arbitration case, spanning anywhere from several months to several years, our relationship is with younger lawyers. This is why RWS Group was keen to sponsor The Young Arbitrators Match (YAM) for 2016. It is the first and only competition which provides young arbitration practitioners with an opportunity to draft an arbitral award based on a set of facts and an exchange of written submissions between two parties to a dispute, in similar conditions to a real life arbitration. Unlike other arbitration moots, YAM is open to young arbitration practitioners and does not involve the drafting of written submissions or oral advocacy. Instead, the participants must decide the dispute and deliver a reasoned arbitral award.

Accurate translation and interpreting can play a critical role in the success of any arbitration matter. Whether being heard at the LCIA, ICSID, ICC, WIPO, VIAC or SIAC, international arbitration is the perfect example of a practice area which requires a full range of services throughout the life of the case.
From e-discovery to the submission of certified translations to depositions and the hearing, RWS serves as a partner to lawyers and paralegals ensuring high quality language services so that relevant evidence is found, deadlines are met, statements are accurate and hearings can be understood by all parties.
One of the most rewarding aspects of working with young lawyers is experiencing first-hand their rise from trainee to associate and then, for some, to partner. We are proud to have accompanied many lawyers as they progress in their careers and to work with practitioners who understand the importance of a quality translation and appreciate the resources involved. We look forward to sharing a fantastic evening with many existing clients and hopefully some who will become valued clients in the future.